Jayco built!

Indiana trip 2015 Jayco masters 044Indiana trip 2015 Jayco masters 047

Pictures of how Jayflight’s are assembled.  They do build the walls around the coach after the interior is complete.  Here is also a great picture of the renowned Magnum Truss Roof System!  Jayco is like a well oiled machine that does it very well all the way through!  A compliment to the 2 year manufacture’s warranty on new product.

Jayco masters training!


I had such a good time at Jayco masters in November, 2015.  I learned allot and have a huge appreciation for manufactures and the time/work that goes into making each dream come true by providing your home away from home!  I was impressed by all the different process each design goes through.  I really enjoyed the small differences I saw when I was able to compare a few manufactures while in Indiana!  I had the privilege of visiting Voltage, Apex, Sunset Trail, Brookstone as well as Jayco!  Loved it all.  If  any one has questions, I would be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.  I will be adding many other pictures of different processes along the way!  Stay tuned!


RVing is one of our favorite past-times!  There is nothing better then getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a refresher into what is really important in our lives.  That of course would be spending time with friends and family, camp fires, the serenity of nature and your home away from home.  Not to mention all the memories you will make together.  RVing is a lifestyle.  It is my commitment to help you build lasting bonds and great experiences.  Please make sure to check back in to see what is new in inventory and news.